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agni sharman

Driveprenuer at Sharman's Cab Company

agni sharman

who is agni sharman?

agni sharman

Driveprenuer @ Sharman’s Cab Company

I am Agni Sharman and I run a car rental company in Chennai called Sharman’s Cab Company.

Our biz model discourages, bribing, kickback and illegal practise at corporate (and elsewhere).

Hence work with very few selected clients and cars.

All our cars are owned by the respective drivers and are proud about it. 


Started in Nov 2007 with a single Tata Indica car driven by myself for Wipro’s CDC 5 facility, Sharman’s Cab Company today has grown into a company with a fleet of 70+ cars with the support and blessings of my clients, my family and most importantly our driver partners.

I am so thankful and owe not just my success so far, but my very life to them all.

Today SCC is known among its clientelle across the world for its quality chauffeur-driven cab service and for being an ethical taxi company by discouraging any kind of corruption at all levels. Those who we denied to pay kick-backs stopped doing business with us and it was a blessing in disguise for we have only grown stronger, better and more reliable. In the process we identified clients who were genuinely interested in a win-win situation and are growing togehter to greater heights.

Over the years, SCC has built a strong reputation for putting customer safety and comfort at the top of our priority list. Today, we serve many small, medium and large businesses across the world.

I had deliberately chosen to work on a wafer thin margin, for I always wanted SCC to be a socialy inclined company to financially empower our driver partners who want to take this up as a serious profession and excel in life.

I would like to thank you – our clients, driver partners, employees, suppliers, bankers and all well-wishers for all the blessings and support.

I ardently value your trust in us and look forward to your continued support.

If you are a company that discourages corruption of any size and at all levels, we are dying to work with you.

I welcome you to read more about us at our Facebook page and official website at and

– Agni Sharman, Founder & Proprietor, Sharman’s Cab Company

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