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My Madras Celebrating 375th B’Day!

Wishing a very happy 375th Birthday to My Madras City

( 22nd August 2014)

My Madras, a great city, a city that has metamorphosed into a mega city. From a village of fisher folk, to a metropolis with its diverse cultures.

My Madras

A city that has grown through the times, times of sieges and conquest A city of the good, bad and perhaps the ugly – a city that saw citadels of greatness rise and fall. A city which a rich tradition and a history of more than three centuries and fifty years, which saw the parade of kings and nobles. Moments of crowning glory – that is the Chennai City.

Rome was not built in a day. Neither was Madras or as you now call it, Chennai. It is a creation of times, great and golden…

A leaf of history tells us: “A few scattered huts on the shore and a few catamarans out at the sea, were the only sign of human life that sported on the beach wore the only manifestation of activity”.

Centuries passed by. Wars were fought. There were victors and losers. Many fled for life. Fortress of power rose and fell. Kings and kingdoms were born and perished. All these reverberations of history had its bearing on the great metropolis. Chennai city has greeted everyone.

The city grew and grew and continues to grow. Many temples and churches and mosques were built in the city.

Today Chennai city is a seasoned and historical place of great importance in India and the very heart-throb of the city, tells you the long forgotten history.

Memories sweet, sour and sometimes bitter. but this city has its own identity and dignity.

In all its majesty the city proudly exhibits its greatness.

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